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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Innovations and New PRactices in Organizations



In the current context of societal transition, how can organizations (co)build innovative practices? The INPRO project, which brings together 15 management researchers from the GRANEM (University of Angers) and ARGUMANS (Le Mans University) laboratories, aims to create a space for exchange and to initiate investigations on this subject.

In reaction to the crises that our societies are facing, territories and economic actors are indeed taking steps to renew their practices. For example, in its European Green Deal, the European Commission has just proposed measures to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. As the Environmental Transition Observatory (FNEGE, 2020) points out, this societal evolution will profoundly change the way we live, eat, work and travel, and will lead companies to transform their raison d'être and their organization. The current health crisis reinforces this questioning. Indeed, any crisis is "the decisive moment, in the evolution of an uncertain process, which allows the diagnosis" (Morin, 1976, p. 149).

In this context, INPRO aims to understand how to co-construct and reinvent more responsible practices by delving into two topics.
    ► How to mobilize the collective intelligence of stakeholders to identify, develop, and implement innovative practices with societal impact?
    ► What are the response strategies to change consumer behaviors towards alternative diets and limiting food waste?

More broadly, this project is part of the CODYNAMICS network (Collectif de recherche sur les DYNAmiques de transforMation et Innovations CollaborativeS), bringing together 7 partner laboratories. These projects are co-financed by the Pays de la Loire Region and the Universities of Angers and Le Mans and coordinated by Eric Bidet (Le Mans University) and Frédérique Chédotel (IAE Angers).


Organizing Team

Projet Manager
Pr. Frédérique CHÉDOTEL (GRANEM - IAE Angers, University of Angers)
Pr. Eric Bidet, (ARGUMANS - Le Mans University)



International Conference INNOVESS 

25th-26th of November, 2021

► Seminary of the GT1 INPRO

21st of May. Introduction of Amélie Notais (Argumans) and Julie Tixier (IRG) : Women's social entrepreneurship in the so-called urban policy districts.

► Seminary of the GT2 INPRO

13th of April. Cross presentations of GT2 members.

► Seminary Codynamics / Great Seminary GRANEM

Le 12 avril. Introduction of Didier Chabaud and Romain Slitine (IAE Paris) - The emergence of a new organizational form - the territory enterprise



2020 - Call for Projects of the experimental UA-LMU ComUE:

  • University of Angers
  • Le Mans University