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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Networks, cultural scenes, technological scenes: training effects and measurement


The RESET research project is a study into how the formal and informal networks, woven between the stakeholders of an ecosystem, feed on the urban environment in which they are embedded.


It is a part of a comparative analysis of the technological and cultural scenes between Nantes, Austin and Montrealon the one hand and an interdisciplinary research project in economics and digital sciences to produce tools and methods for analyzing multiplex networks on the other.


RESET is led by Professors Dominique SAGOT-DUVAUROUX (GRANEM, University of Angers) and Raphaël SUIRE (LEMNA, University of Nantes), in partnership with LS2N (University of Nantes). It is linked to the SCAENA project funded by the ANR.


The project is supported by the Pays de la Loire region for co-financing a Ph.D thesis.

Funding: Pays de la Loire Region, Nantes Métropole, University of Angers, University of Nantes.