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Developing a multi-criteria analysis tool to increase the performance of innovations in the horticultural sector: an analysis from the upstream end of the value chain to the consumer.

Développer un outil d’analyse multicritère pour augmenter la performance des innovations de la filière horticole : une analyse de l’amont de la chaine de valeur jusqu’aux consommateurs



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The horticultural field has suffer from economic harship for around ten years. This comes from several factors, including the lack of adequacy between customers' expectations and products offered on the market. This lack of adequacy can be explain in part by the innovation strategy of players in the industry, based on "technology push". This model allows the production of quality plants, taking into account the technological risks associated with generating innovation, but it doesn't allow the integration of consumer behaviour into the development of innovation.

The goal of the DEXinnov project is to keep the interest of the "technology push" model, while integrating the advantages of the "market pull" innovation model, which allows the consideration of consumer behaviour. To associate both these strategies and benefit from their interests, the DEXinnov tool will be developped. This tool will allow a multicriteria evaluation of horticultural innovations, while considering technical and market entry risks. It will thus contribute to the improvement of innovations performance by taking an interest in production problems and the ones associated with consumer behaviour related to a booming urban horticultural market.



The horticultural field doesn't have tools capable of evaluating innovations. But this evaluation is needed in order to reduce risks of failure and enhance their performances. The evaluation needs the development of a specific tool.

To meet this objective, the DEXinnov project will develop a multicriteria analysis tool for ornamental horticultural innovations. The purpose of this tool will be to increase the innovations' performances by reducing the risks of failure, on two aspects: i) the technical feasibility of an innovation and ii) the adoption, by the consumer, of the innovation. The DEXinnov tool will offer an integrative assessment of the whole value chain of an horticultural product, from the beginning to the purchase by the consumer.

To reach this general aim, the project is divided in three sub-objectives. The first one aim at developping the knowledge on consumer behaviour during the purchase of the plant (action 1). As this type of knowledge is currently non-existent, it will help reduce the risk of failures related to consumer adoption of innovation. The second sub-objective concerns the identification of the technical constraints encountered by each of the links in the value chain that will make it possible to reduce the risks of technical failures (Action 2). The third and last sub-objective aims to develop the multi-criteria analysis tool DEXinnov through the open access software DEXi (Action 3).