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HOW to register in PHD THESIS of Economics and ManagementGRANEM – Université d’Angers - École Doctorale EDGE

The PhD is based on an original and formative research project, which should enable the candidate to become an international expert in his or her scientific field.
The PhD is a professional research experience, which allows the candidate to obtain an internationally recognized BAC+8 degree.
The PhD traditionally lasts 3 years and up to a maximum of 6 years when the thesis is carried out part-time, during which the PhD student carries out research work on a particular subject under the responsibility of a Thesis Director (HDR).
The doctoral program ends with the defense of the doctoral thesis, which allows the student to acquire the degree of doctor.

The application period runs from March to September (start of the academic year in mid-October at the latest)

Please take note of the PRE-REQUISITES and STEPS to apply :


Prerequisites to apply for registration in the 1st year of a PhD programme

► Hold a national Master's degree

or another diploma conferring the degree of Master. Exceptionally, a derogation from the Master's degree or diploma may be requested.


be funded throughout his thesis

To guarantee the completion of your thesis, its financing (doctoral ou CIFRE contract, scholarship from a foreign government or research organisation, work contract for a part-time thesis, etc.) will be examined by your future thesis director.

Funded theses’s subjets are proposed on this Website and or on the “Thèses en Bretagne Loire” website in the “Ecole Doctorale EDGE” section between March and June.
CIFRE funding: (Applicants will only be authorised to register for a doctoral degree once the ANRT has approved CIFRE funding for the thesis) Information
■ If you are/will be an employee, your future thesis supervisor will check the compatibility between your job and the thesis: in the case of a positive opinion, you will be able to benefit, exceptionally, from an additional period of time to complete your thesis.

Information :


► Submit the file within the deads lines

■ The pedagogical file must be submitted to the GRANEM secretariat before 14/07.
■ The registration file must be submitted to the GRANEM secretariat before the end of SEPTEMBER (Except for the International Co-Tutorship of thesis and CIFRE contracts pending answer from the ANRT).
Registration must be finalised (including payment of registration fees), before END OF OCTOBER.




Steps to apply :

1- Consult the research themes of our researchers and find your potential thesis director

 List of laboratory members : Only "Professors" or "HDR" reaserchers are authorised to supervise a thesis (Co-supervision is nevertheless possible with a researcher who does not hold an HDR degree)
     ■ Present your thesis project directly to him/her


2-if he/she agrees to supervise you, obtainthe Approval of the future thesis director on :

     ■ the proposed thesis subject, which must be related to the GRANEM's Research Axes.
     ■ the financing of the thesis
     ■ your application (master's notes, defensibility of the thesis within the usual deadlines, etc.)


3- PEDAGOGICAL application :

Draw up a PEDAGOGICAL file containing the following documents:
     ■ CV
     ■ thesis project aimed by the thesis director
     ■ Master 2 notes (unless you are employed and have more than 5 years experience)
     ■ conditions for financing the thesis over 3 years min. (attach a certificate)
     ■ the reasoned opinion of the thesis director agreeing to supervise you


► CASE 1: Candidates who have been recruited through a competition organised by ED EDGE to obtain a doctoral contract (via Thèses en Bretagne Loire)  :
     > the application must be submitted online via Thèses en Bretagne Loire for its examination by the Jury 

► CASE 2: Applicants applying for CIFRE funding from the ANRT.
     > the application must be submitted to the Granem secretariat BEFORE MID-JULY to obtain letters of support from the laboratory and the EDGE Doctoral School.

► CASE 3: All other applications (grant from a foreign government or organisation, employee...) :
     >The application must be submitted to the Granem secretariat BEFORE MID-JULY for its Examination by the Granem Laboratory Council and by the EDGE thesis committee


The Granem Counsil and the EDGE thesis commission (or Jury) responses will be communicated to you by email.


4- Administrative REGISTRATION :

► 4.1 Complete the online application form on the LUNAM DOCTOR website.

► 4.2 Attach all the requested documents and have your thesis director sign the file.

► 4.3 Deposit or send this COMPLETE file BEFORE END OF SEPTEMBER to Granem secratariat :
           GRANEM Secratariat - Office no. 119
           Faculty of Law of Economics and Management,
           13 Allée F; MITTERRAND | 49036 ANGERS Cedex 01
for signature by the director of the research laboratory and the vice-director of the EDGE Doctoral School.
GRANEM secratariat send you back the complete signed file :

► 4.4 Send this application to the Doctoral College of the Université d’Angers BEFORE OCTOBER :
           Nicole LOTODÉ, – nicole.lotode @
           Présidence de l’Université d’Angers | Collège doctoral
           40, rue de Rennes | BP 73532 | 49035 ANGERS Cedex 01

After approval by the Director of the Doctoral College, an administrative registration form will be sent to you with the procedure to follow:
Registration (including payment of registration fees) will be made by appointment with the Doctoral College or by post.
Your certificate of attendance and student card will be given to you on this date.


Closing date for administrative registrations: END OF OCTOBER
Any application submitted after the deadline (except for co-supervision in the process of being signed and CIFRE funding submitted to the ANRT) must be the subject of a request for exemption from the President of the University (supporting documents to be attached to the application).