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Separated by coma


Effects of digital images on consumers

EffeTs des Images digitales sur les Consommateurs



Budget : 397 819€

Duration : 48 months

Project manager : Sandra Camus




The ETIC project (effects of digital images on consumers) aims to study the negative influences of digital advertising and promotional images on people. Individuals are analyzed in their double hypostasis, as consumers of images on screens and of distributors of images on social media. The objective is to analyse the consequences of marketing strategies (attractive and distractive power of images, personalization, repeated exposures) on cognitive costs and psychological defense mechanisms, problematic behaviors, emotions with negative valence, and other psychological disorders. The originality of the project is especially based on the analysis of correspondences and divergences of strategies between marketing professionnals, on the one hand, and on Internet users who are adept at self-promotion on social networks, on the other. The aim of the project is to define recommendations to reduce these negative effects in particular, by means of awareness-raising actions.


Research Team

National and International partners

 University of Angers - GRANEM

Scientific manager : Sandra Camus

With Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier, Fanny Thomas & Elodie Jarrier

 University of Angers - LPPL

Scientific manager : Philippe Allain

With Jérémy Besnard & Catherine Potard

 University of Lille - LUMEN

Scientific manager : Aurély Lao

 Grenoble School of Management

Scientific manager : Laurie Balbo

 University of Lorraine PErSEUs

Scientific manager : David Bourguignon

With Alexandra Masciantonio

 Kedge Business School (Bordeaux)

Scientific manager : Maud Derbaix

 Catholoic University of Louvain - LouRIM 

Scientific manager : Ingrid Poncin

With Nicolas Kervyn

Other people involved in the project 

Madeleine Pastinelli (CELAT-LabCMO, Univ. of Laval, Québec, Canada)

Jean-Claude Soulages (Centre Max Weber, Univ. Lyon 2)

Stéphane Amato (IMSIC, Univ. of Toulon)

Stéphane Martin (ARPP Autorité de Régulation Prof. de la Publicité)