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BBSAIN - BaBy and Food Health, Innovations and Impact of Natural Ingredients


Official name : BéBé et Santé Alimentaire, Innovations et impact des Ingrédients Naturels

Product innovations for healthy snacks for babies: adequacy of the graphic representation of the packaging and the nutritional offer, perception and evaluation by parents.


BBSAIN is a multidisciplinary and international project (GRANEM, LARIS, GRAPPE, Wageningen University) which aims to study the impact of graphic representations of ingredients on the packaging of children's products (snacks for 10-36 months) and the judgement biases they induce in parents regarding nutritional assessment, safety, trust, brand reliability, etc... This project is particularly interested in the influence of moderating variables such as physiological states (e.g. young parents' fatigue) on the processing of this information. It is also interested in identifying the areas that draw attention to the packaging (using eye-tracking) and in considering the purchasing environment (supermarket context and competition using a reconstruction with virtual reality).

In addition, a part on the detection and co-development of nutritionally sound infant product innovations will be conducted with the help of interviews of parents and co-creation workshops. The objective is to arrive at an adequacy of "healthy" snack type product proposals both in terms of intrinsic product attributes (compliance with nutritional intake without excess, healthy composition in terms of ingredients, organoleptic qualities, etc.) and extrinsic attributes, by studying the impact of the representation of images of ingredients present on the packaging on the perception and evaluation of products by parents.

In order to study these different impacts, experiments are necessary. A first phase of online experiments has raised questions that need to be clarified due to the complexity of the variables that interfere with information processing. Future experiments must be conducted under laboratory conditions for the validity of the results.


The scientific team

Project carrier
Dr Fanny Thomas (Granem)

Scientific partners
Pr Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier (Granem)
Dr. Betina Piqueras-Fiszman (Wageningen University)
Prof. Paul Richard (Laris)
Dr. Cécile Grémy-Gros (Cluster)



Until September 2020
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