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Research and Evaluation Project of Interactive Cultural and Tourist Devices


The project PREDICT (Research and Evaluation Project of Interactive Cultural and Tourist Devices) is supported by two researchers one a member of the LERIA laboratory (Computer Science) and the other the GRANEM (Economics and Management). These devices, from the touch screen terminal to the mobile application, from augmented reality to interactive urban furniture; are increasingly being used both in the cultural and tourist fields. PREDICT proposes a multidisciplinary approach to the observation and the evaluation of these devices with four objectives:

  •   The animation of a network of laboratories, companies and actors of tourism and culture in Pays-de-la-Loire (Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, Castle of Angers, the collection of the local Museums in Angers, Biotopia, Escal'Atlantic, Igloo, etc.), around the theme of mediation devices;
  •   The development of a descriptive grid and the development of a database of devices used by regional and national cultural and tourist actors;
  •   The main lines of research with two complementary methodologies: the analysis of the ergonomics, uses and impacts of the systems in place with our regional partners. On the one hand the study will look at the public's experience in the local touristic institutions and the relation the public have with the environment, thanks to the control of an interactive kiosk created in collaboration with innovative companies; and on the other hand the cultural diffusion;
  •    Consulting with regional actors and the transmission of a methodology for evaluating digital mediation devices.

Many perspectives of valorization are expected: objectives of national and international publications of the results; creation of a regional centre of expertise; providing knowledge for our university courses and transferring audit results and sharing strategic information with cultural and tourism stakeholders in Pays-de-la-Loire.

 PREDICT news (in French)