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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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The XXIst century banker


This project associates the laboratories Centre Jean Bodin and Granem (UA), as well as Themis (Univ. Maine).

It is organized around several events :
     - Afterclass
          o March 9th, 2021 : "insertion and careers of ESEMAP alumni" (Testimonials of former students - Teams)
          o April 2021, "banking Law professions" (Teams)
          o May 19, 2021, "evolution of jobs and careers in the banking network" (Hélène Turbe, RRH Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine, Sabine Mostadi, HR BNP Paribas)
     - A lecture on September 29, 2021 at the University of Le Mans, "Being a banker in the era of Brexit" B. du Marais, State Councillor
     - A conference on November 25, 2021 at the UFR DEG

This conference will be an opportunity to retrace the many changes linked to the banking activity in recent years with the particularity of considering the cross-views between lawyers, economists, managers and bank representatives. In a prospective way, this day of research will allow to question the future of the profession and to define the contours of the banker of tomorrow.


This set of events will highlight different facets:

  • The collaboration between the laboratories of the UFR DEG
  • The emerging collaboration with the University of Maine in the framework of the COMUE
  • The link between research and teaching (in this respect, students from ESEMAP and the Master in Business Law will be systematically invited)
  • The place of ESEMAP in the ADIM BFA network


The research team

Scientific responsibility :
     - Solène Ringler (lecturer, Private Law, Centre Jean BODIN - University of Angers)
     - Bruno Séjourné (lecturer, Economic Science, GRANEM - University of Angers)
     - Rodolphe Bigot (lecturer, Private Law, THEMIS - Le Mans University)



2021 : COMUE UA-LMU (University of Angers & Le Mans University)