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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Conducting Change in a Business Network


Responsible: Hadj NEKKA

This research and development project is the result of a partnership between 4 companies from Maine-et-Loire, Fleuron d'Anjou, project sponsor, JCT Plants, Gaignard Fleurs and Pépinières Détriché [1], and 3 academic partners: The Logistics and Production Systems team (IRCCyN - Ecole des Mines de Nantes), the Mines, ParisTech Scientific Management Center and the GRANEM.

This project aims to develop an innovative, shared and sustainable organisation to increase the competitiveness of plant companies, subject to many constraints especially in terms of transport. Beyond its role of advising and accompanying the partners, the GRANEM team involved in this project has two academic expectations. The first is to study the effectiveness of the "research intervention method" while the second is at the theoretical level and seeks to study available knowledge as organisational change to analyse their relevance and validity at the inter-organisational level. The GRANEM team offers the partner a deliverable that addresses the issue of target change stability.

[1] These companies represent 100 million euros turnover and 400 FTEs. The partners of the VEGESUPPLY project benefited from the support of the Competitiveness team of VEGEPOLYS for the formalisation of the idea, the formation of the partnership and the construction of the project, the Steering Committee and Scientific and Technological Monitoring which evaluated, appraised and labelled the project and the support of Angers Technopole for the call for projects.


 Ph.D Student: Allan MAIGNANT