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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Tolerance and Observances of the Patients treated by Anti Cancer Therapies Orally


ARC Foundation research contract (€ 50,000 over 24 months)


Members involved

Gildas APPERE, Thierry CAILLEAU, Christophe DANIEL, Muriel TRAVERS

Collaboration between the Observatory dedicated to cancer Brittany - Pays de la Loire (sponsor of the project) and the University of Angers (UFR DEG) for a study to evaluate the Tolerance and Observation of Patients Treated with Oral Cancer Therapy (per OS)): TOPTACOS study.



The main objective of this study is to conduct an economic study of the behaviour of the non-compliant patient with metastatic kidney cancer, treated with one or more oral anticancer agents, in order to improve therapeutic efficacy in Brittany and the Loire.

 Objectives of the research:

- Determine a gradient of compliance with treatment

- Determine the factors likely to influence compliance positively or negatively

Key words: Observance, Kidney cancer, VO, Health economics.