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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Creativity and innovation in the gathering and event industry


Project manager: A. DUCROQUET and H. PEBARTHE-DESIRE

Duration: 3 years

Amount allocated: 60 000 € including 45 000 € post doc salary and 15 000 € operation

Post-doctoral fellow: Malgorzata Ogonowska



The events sector holds a growing place in the French economy as a constant producer of innovations and intervening at the pivot between companies, territories and companies. It is an innovative field of study but it has not yet been the subject of appropriate scientific research.

The project is part of the strategic "diversification of practices, territories strategies and management of organizations" strategy of Angers TourismLab and the central objective of the research is to think about the contemporary challenges facing the gatherings and events industry and understand the evolutions and changes. How can the event be a fertile ground for both organisational and territorial creativity and innovation?

Our three main aims of research will enrich both the analysis of the management of organizations and territorial development and the technological and spatial innovations instigating collective processes conducive to development.

The team consists of 25 researchers from various universities, disciplines and nationalities and 25 professional partners.