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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Local Public Innovations (IPL)


Project coordinator: MAUREL Christophe

Project duration: 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2019

Amount allocated: € 20,200

Financed by: University of ANGERS, APP Commission Research



Maurel Christophe, PR; GRANEM, University of Angers
Bargain Aurélien, MCF; GAINS, University of Maine
Favoreu Christophe, PR; Toulouse Business School, University of Toulouse
Carrassus David, PR; CREG, University of Pau
Marin Pierre, MCF; CREG, University of Pau
Bled Euridice, ATER; CREG, University of Pau
Divay Gerard, PR; National School of Public Administration (ENAP, Montreal)


Project summary

This project is part of GRANEM's "Finance Regulation Governance" research axe as well as axe 4 "Innovations, Risks, Cooperation" of the SFR Confluences of the University of Angers and in the federation's themes TEPP of which GRANEM is a member. This project continues the work already undertaken by the participating members on the theme of the characterization of managerial innovations in the public sector, and aims to enrich two research themes, the innovation process (the antecedents and dynamics of learning) and the impacts of these innovations. The data collected by the members will make it possible to characterize more precisely the concept of public managerial innovation.

 Key words: local communities, public innovation, managerial innovation, process, performance