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Seminar - Niklas Möhring


Joint seminar GRANEM - IRHS, with Niklas Möhring, on the following theme:

"Pathways for advancing pesticide policies"

The presentation will be in English, but the discussions can be in French. 

Niklas will firstly define the broader problem of pest management and the complexity of establishing pesticide policies, he then introduced and exemplified a 10-​step policy framework for advancing pesticide regulations (developped at ETH Zürich). He will also present his on-going work with Agripop group at Chizé station he recently joined.


Short Bio:

Niklas Möhring studied Economcis and Agricultural Economics at Münster, Bonn and Wageningen University and received his PhD from ETH Zürich in the Agricultural Economics and Policy Group.

His research focuses on the reduction of risks from pesticide use, especially the choice of tangible risk indicators, the analysis of farmers pesticide use decisions and the development of effective and efficient pesticide policies. He has published his work in a broad range of field and interdisciplinary journals, such as Agricultural Economics and Nature Food.

He is currently working as a Fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation and a Marie-Curie Fellow (from February 2022) at the Agripop group, CEBC-CNRS in Chizé, where he aims to combine methods and insights from agricultural economics, agronomy and ecology in an interdisciplinary project, in order to identify effective and efficient pesticide use decisions of farmers.


Tuesday 21st of September, from 13h15-14h15 in the MRGT lecture hall