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Axis 2: Tourism, Culture and Digital Issues

This axis aims to analyze the transformations of tourism, culture and digital technology at the macro (markets and public policies), meso (organizations) and micro (stakeholders) levels. With regard to territorialized governance and new methods of public management, the role played by cultural and creative activities on local development is questioned: induced effects on tourism, the attractiveness of territories, the creation of specific atmospheres, creative and innovation dynamics in cultural clusters. This axis also deals with the specificities and changes operating on creative and touristic work (evolution of practices and professions, managerial norms and values), on atypical forms of employment and organization (entrepreneurship, intermittence, precariousness) and on the resulting supply strategies (product innovation, business models and value capture). Then, the objective of this axis is to analyze consumers and their experiences (clients, audiences, users, tourists, travelers) with respect to major digital and societal transformations. From the possession of goods to access on digital platforms; from an offer based on a logic of equipment to one based on an event logic; from a policy of massification to one of segmentation and personalization; so many dynamics that disrupt the experiences of people. The issue of digital technology is also addressed and questioned by the SHS researchers of this axis from the perspective of new business models (platforms, attention economy, open data, etc.), new technical devices and the massification of data (artificial intelligence, machine learning, human-machine interaction, big data, connected objects, etc.).


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