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Groupe de Recherche ANgevin en Économie et Management

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Axis 1: Food, Environmental and Organizational Challenges

This first axis focuses on food, environmental and organizational challenges with respect to current and future societal issues, in particular from the perspective of sustainable development and ecosystem preservation. At the level of stakeholder systems, it studies the dynamics, viability and performance of organizations, production systems and supply chains, while questioning the role of public policies. At the organizational level, it analyzes new organizational and collaborative practices conditioned by societal changes (changes in work and employment, digitalization, corporate social responsibility, etc.). The aim is to understand, explain and measure the influences of new working conditions (influences on the quality of life at work, social exchange in work configurations, transmission and capitalization of knowledge and know-how, etc.) as well as the support approaches implemented by organizations. At the consumer level, the research in this area deals with the concerns of individuals with respect to food and environmental challenges, both for adults and children. This research questions the experiences, representations, perceptions and decision-making in terms of food choices, purchases and consumption practices. This, taking into account the strategies adopted by organizations and industries (food in particular) in terms of supply (product, packaging, labelling, price), distribution and communication.


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