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    Séminaire ESTA

    Séminaire ESTA

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    Séminaire ESTA

    Le 17 mai 2018

    Date limite de commande de sandwichs : Mardi le 15/05/2018 à 14h00

    Dr. Hong ZHU Associate Professor from the School of Tourism Management of SUN YAT-SEN University.

    "The Predictive Effects of Workplace Ostracism on Employee Attitudes: A Job Embeddedness Perspective"

    A brief introduction of this research:

    It has been contended that ostracism is prevalent in the workplace, and there has been increasing research interest in its potential effects. This paper extends the theoretical framework of workplace ostracism by linking it with affective commitment and intention to leave from the perspective of job embeddedness. Using time-lagged data from China, we apply job embeddedness theory to confirm that workplace ostracism decreases the cultivation of job embeddedness, which in turn undermines affective commitment and induces intention to leave. We also find that intrinsic work motivation strengthens the detrimental effects of workplace ostracism on job embeddedness such that the negative relationship is stronger when intrinsic motivation is high rather than low.

    She participates to the research program "Tourism, Work & Emotions" funded by the RFI Angers TourismLab

    Her research interests include leadership, human resource management and cultures. She has published papers in a series of journals, such as <International Journal of Hospitality Management>, <Journal of Business Ethics>, and <Asia Pacific Journal of Management>.

    For more information, you can download her vita here



    Serge Blondel (GRANEM)

    "Psychological and economic determinants of the WTP for organic products"