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    Séminaire TTC 09/02

    Séminaire TTC 09/02

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    Le 9 février 2017

    Séminaire TTC

    Le 9 février 2017

    Elodie Jarrier (MCF, GRANEM) : "Impact of digital and transmedia devices on the museum visit experience and on narrative transportation".

    Résumé :

    Abstract: Elodie Jarrier, Assistant Professor in Marketing at the Angers Economics and Management Research Group (GRANEM, UMR MA n°49) will present two of her research fields. The first one relies on the experiential approach of consumption, and analyzes the contribution of the user experience of a digital tool to the museum visit experience. Results from 916 questionnaires collected at the Louvre Lens point out that the visitor experience differs according to three criteria: whether the public uses a digital tool mediation or not, whether it is fixed or mobile technology, and whether the individual values its functional or hedonic dimensions. In addition, two classes of audiences have been identified. The second field of research relies on the transmedia consumption experience approach. It focuses on the influence of a multi-platform device of cultural mediation on the individual’s narrative transportation. A qualitative methodology allows to identify the characteristics of a transmedia experience, and to propose the construction of a narrative transportation scale.

    Key words: cultural consumption experience, digital mediation, narrative transportation, museum, theatre

    Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, professeur invité au titre de la recherche de l'Université de Vaasa en Finlande :  "Interested in eating and drinking? How food affects travel satisfaction and the overall holiday experience"

    Résumé :

    This research elaborates on the destination foodscape concept, explores its dimensionality, and substantiates it by means of an exploratory study. Destination foodscape is a multifarious concept, which is influenced by both staged service encounters and non-staged service environments. In terms of implications for practice, this paper suggests an extended emphasis on local food as a marketing dimension, involving local people by making them aware of their importance for tourist (food) experiences as part-time marketers, and creating public-private destination spaces where tourists can have more private (food) experiences.


    Doodle pour la commande de sandwiches avant le mardi 7 février 2017 14h :