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    Conférence Panorisk 2019

    Conférence Panorisk 2019

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    Panorisk conference 2019

    Du 12 décembre 2019 au 13 décembre 2019


    Panorisk Conference 2019 Angers


    Call for Papers: 4th PANORisk Conference


    December 12 and 13, 2019 at the University of Angers, France

    The University of Angers invites you to the 4th Annual PANORisk Conference, Angers, France on December 12-13, 2019. PANORisk is a regional project sponsored by Région Pays de la Loire and involves researchers in economics, finance and mathematics from five academic institutions, namely University of Angers, University of Le Mans, University of Nantes, Audencia Nantes, and ESSCA School of Management Angers.

    Building on the success of the previous conferences since 2016, we have the pleasure to organize for the fourth year an event related to The Roadmap of Long-Term Value Creation. It aims to foster a dynamic scientific exchange among academic researchers, practitioners and policy makers on the challenges and regulatory priorities raised by the changing corporate and financial environment.




    Charlotte Østergaard

    Professor of Finance

    (Norvegian Business School)

    Jeffrey Pontiff

    Professor of Finance

    (Boston College)


    The fields suitable for this conference may include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Corporate Governance and Risk Management;
    • Market Microstructure and High Frequency Trading;
    • Information Disclosure and Market Liquidity;
    • Environmental Risks and Corporate Social Responsibility;
    • Alternative Investments and Asset Innovations;
    • Financial  Regulation (MiFID II, Solvency II, Basel III);
    • Systemic Risk and Financial Stability;
    • Non-standard Monetary Policy Measures;
    • Savings and Retirement;
    • Insurance.


    Papers addressing (1) The rise and fall of retail investors (privatization schemes, new players in entrepreneurial finance); (2) Agency problems and stewardship responsibilities of institutional investors; (3) The rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Continental Europe; (4) The dynamics of interest groups and; (5) The corporate voting policies would be particularly welcome.




    Papers should be submitted (extended abstracts will also be considered) in electronic format by September 30th, 2019. Final versions of the selected papers are due by November 30th, 2019.

    All papers will be reviewed by the conference’s scientific committee. Authors will be informed of the outcome before October 15th, 2019. Your submission should be sent by e-mail to: panorisk2019 @ (panorisk2019 @

    Registration deadline: November 15th, 2019



    Serge Blondel – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Catherine Deffains-Crapsky – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Enareta Kurtbegu – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Jesus Herell Nze Obame – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Diana Pop – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Bruno Séjourné – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Monique Bernier - GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Linda Gorman- GRANEM ( (University of Angers)



    Serge Blondel – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Catherine Deffains-Crapsky – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Iordanis Kalaitzoglou - Audencia (Nantes)

    Enareta Kurtbegu – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Waël Louhichi - ESSCA (Angers)

    Huyen Nguyen - GAINS (University of Le Mans)

    Giacomo Nocera - Audencia (Nantes)

    Jesus Herell Nze Obame – GRANEM (University of Angers)

    Adrian  Pop - LEMNA (University of Nantes)

    Diana Pop – GRANEM (University of Angers)

     Read it on line «Panorisk_Angers_CallforPapers_Dec2019.pdf»









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