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    ACR 2018

    ACR 2018

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    The 2018 ACR Conference

    "Trust in Doubt? Consuming in a Post Trust World"

    Jusqu'au 23 mars 2018

    Dallas, TX, from Thursday, October 11 through Sunday, October 14, 2018
    Conference website (and call):

    Submission Deadline Friday, March 23, 2018, 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time)


    Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to connect with each other, to share our ideas, to learn the news, and to exchange information. Yet these abilities also influence how individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments, view and trust one another. For example, it may appear that the internet has made it easy to both obtain information and to verify whether it is fact or fiction. Yet it has also become easier to fabricate and disseminate “fake news” and biased representations. Similarly, many claim that technology has allowed us to improve the security of our property, transactions, and privacy, yet others suggest that relying on these technologies makes us more vulnerable to constant surveillance, data theft, exploitation and exposure. Further, barely a day goes by without learning that a politician, company, news organization, public figure, and even a researcher, may have lied or violated a public trust. Yet, it now also seems easier for individuals and organizations to bring attention to lies, and call out violators. At a time when our social systems are changing, much of our trust in others may now be in doubt.

    Trust involves accepting vulnerability based on expectations of the behaviors of others. As consumer researchers we should be at the forefront of understanding and explaining trust in this new environment. It is in this spirit that we dedicate the 2018 ACR conference to facilitating a collective exploration of the vitally important issues of trust in our changing world. Toward this end, in addition to the fine work across the full spectrum of research topics that we have come to expect at ACR, we encourage submissions related to issues of trust. Topics that would be most welcome include those that explore and answer questions such as:

    • How does trust affect particular aspects of consumption, such as information search, judgment decisions, and advocacy?
    • How does trust affect motivation and goals?
    • How is trust influenced by, and how does it influence emotions?
    • How does trust influence moral decisions?
    • How does technology (e.g., AI, virtual reality, social media) affect trust?
    • How does trust affect perceptions of truth and honesty?
    • How is trust established, maintained, violated, and regained? 
    • What happens to brands, political parties, and universities when consumers lose trust in business, government, and science?
    • How is trust related to word of mouth, recommendations, product claims, and branding?
    • How is trust involved in private data use and abuse? 
    • How does trust in institutions like media, government, private industry, academia, and the legal system influence consumption? 
    • How does trust in one actor, or one domain, influence trust in others? 
    • How are trust and mistrust related to conflict?
    • What are the conscious and non-conscious processes involved in trust and perceptions of truth?
    • How do religious beliefs and political ideologies influence perceptions of truth and trust?
    • Cultural and subcultural beliefs, belongingness, and trust
    • Neuroscience of trust

    In addition, to encourage a conversation around these issues, ACR will host invited speakers, special forums, panels, roundtables, each focused a particular aspect of the conference theme.  

    Something New! A JACR Special Issue: This year, for the first time, we are planning an issue of the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research that will be coordinated with the conference theme. Submissions to the conference can serve as important foundations for further work that we hope will be submitted to this issue of JACR.