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Groupe de recherche angevin en économie et management

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    The strong development of digital technology has changed the organization of society. Now, new opportunities are available to citizens, consumers, artists, businesses, local authorities, etc. At the same time, new generational, social, economic, technological and territorial tensions are emerging. From this perspective, the role of researchers in the human and social sciences (SHS) is asserting itself in analysing the socially acceptable contours of this digitally driven economy.

    In this perspective, RELIGN places the Loire network of SHS digital researchers in a dynamic of researchers discussing, observing, measuring and analysing the spatial and socio-technical impacts of the digitisation of our daily lives. It extends the initiative of the GIS MARSOUIN of the Brittany Region to the scale of our territory.

    This approach is based on the organisation of (a)-(in)-(inter)disciplinary seminars, alternately at the University of Nantes and Angers and the invitation of French and international colleagues. Their aim is to bring together the complementary viewpoints of sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, managers, economists, computer specialists, geographers and philosophers. These seminars are also open to professionals, thus broadening the fields of reflection and anchoring the RELIGN network in its regional ecosystem.


    The organizing team

    Marianne Lumeau, PhD Economics, GRANEM, M@rsouin, University of Angers
    Raphaël Suire, Pr. Management Science, LEMNA, M@rsouin, University of Nantes
    Étienne Capron, PhD student in Management, GRANEM, M@rsouin, University of Angers

    With the complicity of Hélène Morteau, Doctor in Urban Planning and Development


    Seminars' Programme

    Season 3: 2019-2020

    (With the financial support of MSH Ange Guepin - CPER funding, GRANEM and LEMNA)

    EPISODE #1: STEM and teens: an algorithmic bias on a social media
    Clara Jean (PhD student in Economics, University of Paris Saclay - RITM)
    October 4th 2019, 14:00-15:30, Hall 6, University of Nantes

    EPISODE #2: The creative turn in Detroit: rebranding, space revitalization and policies for structuring the creative industries
    Simon Renoir (Doctor in InfoCom, University of Paris 13, LabSIC)
    November 4th, 16:00-17:30, Council Chamber, Faculty of Law, Economics, Management, University of Angers

    EPISODE #3: Construction and Dynamics of Innovation Ecosystems
    Patrick Cohendet (Professor of Economics/Management, HEC Montréal - MOSAIC)
    November 21st 14.00-15.30, Hall 6, University of Nantes
    Joint seminar ANR SCAENA, on registration with the organisers

    EPISODE #4: Urban ecology in the digital age: the case of the implementation of data centers in Plaine Commune
    Clément Marquet (Doctor of Sociology, IFRIS - Costech)
    Reported in solidarity with the national protest movement.
    University of Nantes
    Joint seminar ANR SCAENA

    EPISODE #5: Workshop on Open data in the urban environment
    February 13th, Faculty of Law, Economics, Management, Univ. Angers
    Joint study day with GRANEM

    EPISODE #6: Creativity in Business: Organizational Issues
    Bérangère Szostak, (Professor of Management, University of Lorraine - BETA)
    March 27th, Hall 6, University of Nantes


    List of previous seminaries (in French)