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Groupe de recherche angevin en économie et management

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    Investments, insurance and new risks




    Project leader: Bruno Séjourné
    Duration: 5 years
    Amount allocated: € 4,000

    Associated laboratories:
    GAINS (Economy - Le Mans)
    LMM (Mathematics - Le Mans)
    LEMNA (Economy - Nantes)
    GRANEM (Economics and Management - Angers)
    LAREMA (Mathematics - Angers)
    AUDENCIA Research (Economics and Management, Nantes)
    ESSCA Knowledge (Economy and Management, Angers)

    There are three axes of research:

    Axis 1: Develop methods for measuring individual / collective risks.

    Axis 2: To model optimal hedging, investment and investment strategies in a risky economic world.

    Axis 3: Reports on the interactions between different decision-makers, taking into account the regulation.