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    Project coordinator: PANTIN François

    Project duration: 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2019

    Amount allocated: € 23,300

    Financed by: University of ANGERS, APP Commission Research


    CHEDOTEL Frédérique, PR; CREM - UMR CNRS 6211, University of Rennes 1
    CRAPSKY Catherine, MCF HDR; GRANEM, University of Angers
    BIDET Eric, MCF; GAINS, University of Maine
    GLEMAIN Pascal, MCF HDR; CIAPHS, University of Rennes 2
    MAUREL Christophe, PR; GRANEM, University of Angers (since 2016)
    PANTIN François, MCF (Porter); GRANEM, University of Angers (since 2016)
    TENSAOUT Mouloud, MCF; GAINS, University of Maine

    Project summary

    This project is part of GRANEM's "Finance Regulatory Governance" research axe as well as the axe 4 "Innovations, Risks, Cooperation" of the SFR Confluences of the University of Angers. It aims to enrich knowledge on CSR and overall performance in social and solidarity economy organizations (SSE). Based on qualitative and quantitative studies carried out more specifically with cooperative societies (Scop), this research has a dual objective: firstly, to carry out a census as exhaustive as possible (by relying on the Scop network) of practices these organizations belonging to the ESS in terms of CSR and their impact on overall performance; secondly, to compare the observations made within Scop with practices of other types of organizations (whether or not they belong to the ESS) but also with foreign SCOPs. We aim to identify and evaluate the organizational behavior of the SSE structures in the face of societal challenges of the 21st century.


    Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS); Overall performance; Corporate social responsibility (CSR) ; Cooperative and Participative Societies (Scop)