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    Why people consume organic foods: fashion or peer-pressure?

    Project manager: Xavier PAUTREL, Professor of Economics,

    Duration: 1/09/2015 to 1/12/2016

    Amount allocated: € 8,000

    Members participating in the project:

    Emmanuelle AUGERAUD-VÉRON, MCF, HDR, Department of Mathematics, University of La Rochelle. Member of the Laboratory of Mathematics, Image and Applications (MIA).

    Arnaud DUCROT, MCF, HDR, Department of Mathematics, University of Bordeaux Segalen, UMR 5251.

    Masha MASLIANSKAIA-PAUTREL, Lecturer in Economics, University of Angers, member of GRANEM.



    The BioRes project focuses on the determinants of the consumption of green goods, (especially organic foods) by re-examining the role of the social norm, which works through peer pressure effects and via fashion effects, following the rapid developments of social networks.

    We are interested in the influence of two types of interactions between agents: an interaction linked to physical proximity and an interaction linked to belonging to the same social network (proximity of preferences).

    The goal is to understand how these two effects interact to determine, at a given moment, the organic consumption decisions of participants and their evolution over time.