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    Ad Lux

    Ad Lux

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    AD LUX : Experimental Design

    Project coordinator: BRIAND-DECRE Gwenaelle

    Duration: 1 year (15/11/2016 to 14/11/2017)

    Amount allocated: 10,000 €

    This research project is in the field of sensory marketing and design. This field has a rich base in multidisciplinary conceptual and opens up exciting avenues of research relating to the experience, the sensations / perceptions, the emotions and the conative reactions of consumers.

    The original idea of this research project lies in the possibility of reconciling space design with the development and observation of new sensory consumption experiences interacting with a place and / or object.

    Members involved:


    F. ORSONI, director, EDNA (School of design, Nantes)

    H. ZARA, research manger, EDNA

    Financed by: