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Groupe de recherche angevin en économie et management

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    Completed Projects

    Completed Projects

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    Completed Projects


    Project manager: Hadj NEKKA


     AD LUX : Experimental - Design

    Project manager : Gwenaelle BRIAND-DECRE


    Dominant Designs in Guitars

    Project manager : Régis DUMOULIN


     CIFRE scholarship (industrial research agreement) Integrating measured emotional responses for the mapping of  customer experiences

    Project managers: Patrick LEGOHEREL et Bruno DAUCE


    Acceptability of  "zero pesticides" in public places

    Project coordinator: Marianne LEFEBVRE


    New Challenges in the Lanscaping Industry

    Project manager: Walid OUESLATI


    European Consortium for Landscape Economics

    Project manager: Walid OUESLATI


    Survey on the lifestyle of students at the University of Angers

    Project managers: Christophe DANIEL and Muriel TRAVERS


    The Future of Angers University Doctoral Students

    Project managers: Christophe DANIEL and Muriel TRAVERS


    The "Accroche-coeurs" Audience

    Project manager (GRANEM): Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    Financial  Evaluation of Lanscaping in an Industrial Risk Context

    GRANEM Project representative: Muriel TRAVERS


    The Performing Arts

    Project manager (GRANEM): Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    European Commission Contract: Focus groups on European Citizens attitudes and behaviors concerning personal identity data management

    Project manager: Caroline MILGTEN


    The Carbon Finance Project

    Project manager: Benoît SÉVI


    Partnership agreement: GRANEM, LEMNA, SAMOA

    Project managers: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX and Sandrine EMIN


    The PSDR GO Liprogo contract

    Project managers:


    “Images, realities, development and viewpoints of the under 25 year olds concerning wine”

    Under the direction of Dominique JONCHERAY


    Networks of Contemporary Art, contract with the Ministry of Culture

    Project manager: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    VEGESPE (Specialising in Plants - 2006-2008)

    Project manager: Serge BLONDEL


    TENDER n° J04/20/2007 for "Study on the Methodology for conducting a survey on needs and requirements on future electronic identification (eID) services"

    Project manager: Caroline MILGTEN


    Artists in the digital age: production, community networking

    Project manager: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    COSAVE (Construction and phyto health 2007-2009)

    Project managers: Serge BLONDEL, Claire GAUZENTE


    CLAP: Competitivity, Localisation, Public Action

    Project manager: Isabelle LEROUX- RIGAMONTI


    ADPMS Individuals' money and social mediation

    Project Representative at the Granem: Isabelle LEROUX


    Creation and development of a hedonic price model around 3 public transport links on site for the region Pays de la Loire

    Project Manager: Muriel TRAVERS


    Partnership convention between the GRANEM and the SNCD

    Project manager: Caroline MILGTEN


    Research grant, on the clusters or industrial districts, on a cultural and media aspect: a review of economic knowledge and questioning

    Project manager: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    Agreement between the Loire region and GRANEM "Performing a survey of cultural sectors in the Pays de la Loire region"

    Project manager: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    Mines School, Nantes Agreement:  Hospital hygiene recommendations concerning cystic fibrosis

    Project manager: Chloé LANGEARD


    COSIVEG: Cognitive and sensory innovative methodologies adapted to the enhancement of plant material

    Project manager: Serge BLONDEL


    Cultural Values

    Project manager: Dominique SAGOT DUVAUROUX


    Service management in the tourism business network

    Project manager: Cécile CLERGEAU


    Transver sup: orientation advice and student success in higher education

    Project managers: Michèle FAVREAU and Christophe DANIEL


    "A multidisciplinary and comparative research: Local councils and associations against alcohol on the highway."

    Under the direction of: Dominique JONCHERAY