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Groupe de recherche angevin en économie et management

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    Research Projects

    Research Projects

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    French National Contracts

    Cultural Scenes, Atmospheres and Urban Transformations

    Project coordinator: Dominique SAGOT-DUVAUROUX


    Acceptability of  "zero pesticides" in public places

    Project coordinator: Marianne LEFEBVRE


     CIFRE scholarship (industrial research agreement) Integrating measured emotional responses for the mapping of  customer experiences

    Project managers: Patrick LEGOHEREL et Bruno DAUCE



    Projects under the regional innovation strategy

    (Regional development research projects for intelligent specialisation in Pays de la Loire (2014 - 2020)) website in French


     AD LUX : Experimental - Design

    Project manager : Gwenaelle BRIAND-DECRE


    Dominant Designs in Guitars

    Project manager : Régis DUMOULIN


    VEGETOUR (Vegetal Tourism, Innovation and Territorial Identity)

    Project managers: Béatrice PLOTTU and Isabelle LEROUX-RIGAMONTI


    Tourism, Work, and Emotions (TourismeT&E)

    Project managers: Gwenaëlle GREFE and Dominique PEYRAT-GUILLARD


    StratExplHoRe (Strategy and Experience linked to the Hotels and the Restaurants)

    Project manager: Sandra CAMUS


    CRÉER - Creativity and innovation in the meetings and events industry

    Project manager: Aude DUCROQUET


    PANORISK (Placements, insurance and new risks)

    Project manager: Serge BLONDEL



    Project manager: Hadj NEKKA


    Regional subvention for the thesis "The image of Accountants in professional advertising"

    Project manager: Sébastien ROCHER


    Regional subvention for the thesis "Integration and segregation of immigrants in the labor market"

    Project manager: Eva MORENO-GALBIS