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Groupe de recherche angevin en économie et management

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    About Us

    About Us

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    The GRANEM (ANgevin Research Group in Economics and Management) is a multidisciplinary research group (Economics and Management) of the University of Angers, attached to the CNRS Federation 3435 TEPP (Labor, Employment and Public Policies). This group n° EA 7456 includes 51 teacher-researchers, 48 doctoral students, 1 post-doc and 3 administrative and technical staff members.

    The Research Axes

    Environment, Health, Work and Food: EHWF

    The ESTA axe, organised around 4 main themes, studies the influence of current societal questions on the behaviour of different economic actors and their implications in terms of public policies. The first theme deals with the degradation of the environment and global warming. The second focuses on issues of public health and aging of the population. For these two themes, work includes proposing a monetary assessment of non-market assets such as the environment or health, modelling behaviour and analysing decision-making in the face of environmental and health risks. The third theme analyses the changes in the labour market and the functioning of companies. It focuses on both labour market adjustments, organisational changes and innovations, human resource policies and their impact on the employment relationship (involvement, workplace emotions, well-being). The fourth theme addresses consumer concerns about food practices and questions consumer trends (sensory marketing, brand management).

    Tourism, Territories and Culture: TTC

    The TTC axe is structured around three themes. The paradox of "glocalisation" leads us to question the stakes of territorial specialisations in a globalised exchange context (clusters, networks), especially in the tourism and culture sectors (theme 1). We also study questions of authenticity and values in the fields of tourism and culture and the challenges of co-production of experiences that they induce (theme 2). Finally, we analyse the dynamics of cultural and tourism sector transformation driven by new technologies and the evolution of public policies taking into account the tension between tradition and innovation that these transformations cause (theme 3).

    Finance, Regulation et Governance: FRG

    The research carried out within the FRG axe is in line with recent economic and political events, questioning the practical and the regulatory re-foundation of financial activities at the service of a long-term economy within a globalised context, technological innovation (FinTech), and accelerated bank disintermediation. Theme 1 deals with the interactions between traditional and new actors of the long-term financing of European companies, going on to questions of governance within a framework of their contractual relations with their lenders. Theme 2 deals with financial actors’ (namely savers, investors, financial intermediaries) changes in: behaviour, financial innovation and public policy regulatory challenges, institutions, and the occupations concerned

    Research at the GRANEM focuses on two cross-cutting issues:

    - the behaviour of the actors and the transformation of the organizations,
    - evaluation of public policies, standards and institutions.


    GRANEM | Université d'Angers
    Faculté de droit, d'économie et de gestion
    13 allée François Mitterrand
    BP 13633
    49036 ANGERS CEDEX 01



    Email (secretariat.granem @ contact.univ-angers.fr)


    Phone :

    00 33 (0)2 41 96 21 (06 or 45)


    English speaking research assistant :

    Anne - Laure Guillaumat

    00 33 (0)2 41 96 21 07

    Committee of Directors

    Sandra CAMUS

    Xavier PAUTREL
    Associate Director

    Head of the Doctoral School



    Team leaders:


    Xavier PAUTREL



    Team leaders:

    Frédérique CHÉDOTEL

    Chloé LANGEARD

    Marianne LUMEAU



    Team leaders:


    Diana POP